On Monday, the cross examination of DC-008 continued with the witness denying that the NPFL had a Small Boys Unit (SBU) during Liberia’s civil war. The Prosecution have alleged that a combat unit existed consisting of conscripted children, and that these children were Continue Reading »


On Monday the court continued with the testimony of DCT-008, addressing the events leading up to the death of RUF commander Sam Bockarie in 2003 and Daniel Tamba. DCT-008 account was consistent with Mr. Taylor’s version of events. The witness told the court that what Continue Reading »

On Monday Issa Sesay was shown a letter by the Prosecution. The letter was retrieved from Mr. Taylor’s archives. Mr Taylor had produced this letter as evidence in August during his own defence and told the Special Court that “this is the letter from General Issa Sesay”. The letter addressed RUF concerns about attacks from the UN, the arrest of Continue Reading »

On Monday the prosecution continued to cross examine Issay Sesay seeking to establish links between the RUF and Mr. Taylor. The Prosecution investigated a variety of issues, including training at Camp Naama, and Mr. Sankoh’s access to a satellite phone in 1991, whilst seeking to establish links between the RUF and Charles Taylor. Mr Koumjian continued the cross examination by Continue Reading »

On Monday the prosecution called Ms Farrow and Ms White to testify on allegations that Mr Taylor gave the supermodel Naomi Campbell blood diamonds during a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 1997.
Last week Ms Campbell told the court about how she was woken up by two unknown men and given a gift of “dirty-looking stones”. According to Ms Campbell, she was Continue Reading »

On Thursday the supermodel Naomi Campbell testified before the special court of Sierra Leone after prosecution succeed in re-opening their case. The prosecution convinced the judges of the Special Court that the Ms Campbell evidence, along with Carol White (Ms Campbell’s former agent) and actress Mia Farrow “was unknown to the prosecution when it formally closed its case on 27 February 2009” and relates to “a ‘central issue’ to the prosecution’s case: the accused’s possession of rough diamonds.” Continue Reading »

Issay Sesay returned to the witness box on Monday and told the Special Court of Sierra Leone that he was not appointed head of the RUF by Mr. Taylor alone but instead he was appointed after a series of discussions held by West African Leaders that merely included Mr. Taylor. Mr Sesay denied the prosecution claims that Mr. Taylor appointed him leader of the RUF in May 2000. Lead defense counsel Mr. Courtenay Griffiths asked the witness, “were you appointed leader of the RUF by Charles Taylor alone?” Mr Sesay replied Continue Reading »